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The bullies are three young boys who bully Adam. In "Home," the bullies appear exactly as Adam remembers them without having aged at all. They taunt him by singing "Dumb dumb A-dumb" repeatedly.

Gavin Connors

Adam recognises Gavin Connors (credited as "Lead Bully") from his childhood when they were students together in Ms. Lindsay Jacobson's class. He is voiced by Austin Abell.

Physical Appearance

Gavin has white skin and short brown hair. He wears a burgundy T-Shirt, dark gray pants, and white sneakers.


Gavin's friend credited as John aka Lanky Bully is voiced by Orlando Lucas.

Physical Appearance

He has white skin and shoulder-length blond hair. He wears an orange V-neck T-shirt under a grayish-green hoodie, pale blue shorts, and blue shoes.


Squat Bully

Gavin's friend credited as Steven aka Squat Bully is voiced by Valin Shinyei.

Physical Appearance

He has brown skin and straight black hair. He wears a dark gray T-shirt under a blue hoodie, gray pants, black shoes, and a dark green beanie.


After waking up back in The Hollow after completing the game, Adam was taunted by the appearance of his childhood bullies, who treated him just as they had when they were children, calling him names. He later realized, like with Mabel for Kai and the Doll for Mira, the bullies were just a manifestation of his childhood fear. They tried to hide from them, but were confronted and cornered by all three fears. ("Home")

Surrounded by their fears, they started to cower. When Adam said he couldn't face the bullies himself, Mira faced them for him. At the same time, Adam faced Mabel and Kai faced the Doll. They were unsuccessful. When Kai noticed that Mabel had Adam pinned, he threw fire at her. When she directed her attention to him, he said he wasn't afraid of her and she disintegrated. The other two saw that work and confronted their own fears. ("Hollow Games")


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