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Well, good to know I sound confident.
— Adam in "The Room"

Adam is one of the three, later six main protagonists in The Hollow alongside his friends Mira and Kai. He has great fighting skills, is incredibly strong and agile, and takes on the role of leader of his group.

Physical Appearance

Adam is Hispanic and has brown skin and black hair. He has thick black eyebrows and black eyes like every other player in the game. Adam wears dark green cargo pants, white shoes, and a black T-shirt that depicts the symbol of The Hollow.


Throughout the show, Adam proves to be brave, clever, and a quick thinker. He unofficially takes the role of leadership in his team, even though he claims on a few occasions that he doesn’t want it. He often motivates his teammates to persevere when they want to give up.

Adam can be easily frustrated, particularly when his friends disagree with him or when he is at a loss for how to lead his team. He can be stubborn at times.

Adam feels a sense of loyalty and trust for his teammates. By contrast, he always remains very skeptical and distrusting of the rival team.


Five hours prior to entering the Hollow's virtual reality, Adam and his teammates are instructed on the rules of the game. After choosing his character's secret powers, Adam, Mira, and Kai enter the simulation.

Throughout the Series

In "The Room," Adam, Kai and Mira wake up in a room with no memories of who they are. The only items with them are small slips of paper with their names on them and a typewriter. To escape, they use the typewriter to type "help", which causes four bricks to move forward and act as ledges leading to a vent. As the room begins filling up with poisonous smoke, they make their way up to and through the vent, eventually winding up at an exit that leads to a forest. Mira discovers that she was able to translate an owl's hoots. After escaping the underground bunker, the trio continue to walk through the forest, ending up at an electrified fence. They search for a switch to deactivate it and soon find an abandoned cabin. Inside, there are science equipment, a satchel (which they take), and three cages seemingly torn open by their ex-captives. Shortly after, they encounter three "Devil Dogs" that begin to chase them. Running towards the fence, they see the deactivation switch for the fence and use keys found in the satchel to make their escape. Not far from the fenced area, they are trapped at the edge of a cliff with the creatures quickly digging their way under the fence. The three meet someone who they call the "Weird Guy". After they ask for help with a "please," he creates a portal through which they fall. On the other side, just before passing out, Adam blearily sees two figures speaking in a foreign language while looking down at the trio.

In "The Desert," the trio wake up in a town of anthropomorphic bulls. Mira attempts to talk to them, being able to understand them, but they call her a witch. They are tied in a large chamber belonging to a giant bull named "Toros." They eventually escape and head down the tunnels under the chamber. Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, against Kai's warnings and cautiousness, they introduce themselves to an overly cheery woman they meet at the end. She offers them food, but after Mira rebukes Kai for not trusting her, she transforms into a soul-eating witch. The trio knock her out, but another witch comes along and attacks them. After fighting off a third witch, they trek through the desert, becoming dehydrated and tired. Eventually three figures on horses come and pick them up.

In "Apocalypse," the three figures bring the trio to a ship crash site. Adam identifies them as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; Plague, Famine, War, and Death. They find out that Death's horse is really sick, and after being fed, Mira is able to understand the horse. To heal him, they call for the Weird Guy and he teleports Mira back to the lab in the forest to get medicine. She narrowly escapes the Devil Dogs, and comes back with a vial. Meanwhile, Kai is able to fix up a ship and gets it to work. After healing Death's horse, they take off in the ship. After making it above the water, Adam accidentally kicks something and the ship begins plummeting into the water. They eject their seats, but Mira's seat belt is stuck. She continues to sink down as she loses consciousness. Adam and Kai are unable to swim far enough, and are forced to go to the surface. Kai blames Adam and angrily leaves. At the end of the episode, Mira is seen lodged against a rock, opening her eyes.

In "The Lighthouse," Adam theorizes that they are in a parallel universe. He also learns more about his strength when he accidentally pushes Kai. During their argument, Mira arrives. She explains that she is able to breathe underwater and can swim like a mermaid. The trio then continue walking and see a lighthouse. They then find out that it is inhabited by a cyclops. In hopes of using the lighthouse to signal for help, they must find a new light bulb as the one there is broken. With Mira's swimming skill and the help of a kraken, they are able to retrieve a new light bulb from an abandoned submarine. When they fix the lighthouse's light, they signal SOS, but only the Weird Guy shows up. Kai asks for help, despite Adam and Mira's protests. They are teleported into the sky and land on a talking tree. The tree tells them about how she lost her arm (a branch) and the trio go after the one who stole it, Akuma. Akuma had turned the arm into a powerful, dangerous weapon called the Ishibo. Upon arriving in his floating temple, the doors and windows close, locking them in and making everything go dark.

In "Ishibo," the trio is captured by Akuma, and Adam winds up having to fight their best warrior. Adam, with incredible strength, defeats the warrior, and Akuma's minions run away in terror. Akuma, with the Ishibo, challenges Adam in a fight. Adam barely wins as Akuma drops the Ishibo and falls off the floating piece of land. Just when Adam reaches to pick up the Ishibo, three other super-powered teens appear. They take the Ishibo and leave using their superpowers: either speed, flight, or telekinesis. After the strange teens' departure, Akuma's minions come stampeding back. They call for help, and the Weird Guy teleports them to a spaceship. They soon find out that the ship was taken over by an alien, but also has a teleporter they could use. They teleport themselves and appear in a run-down theme park inhabited by Benjamin and Benjamini, who love having fun. Kai fixes one of their rides, and tries it out with Benjamini, while Adam and Mira learn that the three other kids also came by the theme park. Suddenly, the ride catches on fire, and begins collapsing.

In "Undead," Kai discovers his pyrokinetic abilities, using them to save himself and Benjimini. The friends, trying to locate the other three kids, wander in a spooky town and are reacquainted with them. Vanessa claims the Weird Guy stole the Ishibo and banished them to the town. Forming an uneasy truce, Vanessa uses her feminine wiles to take advantage of Kai's obvious infatuation with her. Almost falling to death while Vanessa tried to fly Kai towards the moon, Adam and Mira fall into a pit after Kai unintentionally sets of a gravestone mechanism during a zombie invasion. Vanessa tries to convince Kai to join her team, while Adam and Mira encounter a mysterious old man.

In "The Riddle," separated from Kai and the others, Mira and Adam found an old man underground and must solve his riddle. When Adam notice's Dave glitch, he theorizes that they are all in a virtual world. Disbelieving this, Mira kisses Adam, and he kindly, yet awkwardly, rejects her affections. Finding the Ironwood Tree again, she tosses them a great distance to the Northern Tundra. After Mira save's a polar bear's cub from drowning under the ice, the bear's escort them to the Ice Palace. Warning them it isn't safe, Adam and Mira venture inside the palace, and finds Kai, Vanessa, Reeve, and Skeet frozen in ice. Kai thaws himself out with his powers of fire, and the three of them battle an ice monster.

In "Ice," after battling the ice monster, Adam, Kai and Mira weigh their choice to help the other kids. Against Adam's warnings, Kai thaws out the other three kids, and Reeve uses his telekinetic powers to attack Adam from behind with the Ishibo. After they betray them, Mira and Kai, along with a seriously wounded Adam, end up stranded on a small iceberg. Drifting out into the middle of the sea, Mira takes Adam to find land, leaving Kai on the thawing iceberg. When a trio of sharks spot Kai, Mira arrives on the back of whale and rescues him. The three make it to dry land, and Mira and Kai see the whale glitch. Afterwards, the orbital shuttle from space comes crashing on the beach and Adam's theory that they are in a virtual reality game is confirmed by the Weird Guy who warns them that the glitches they have seen are a sign that the game's code is corrupted and is on the verge of crashing, and that they must quickly escape the game.

In "Cocoon," Mira, Kai, and Adam are taken hostage by a tribe of hybrid spider-people. Racing against the clock, Mira and Kai try to save Adam from dying. Kai offers to replace the Spider Leader's lost limbs in exchange for assistance. The Spider Leader uses his venom to heal Adam and the trio escape into the wilderness. The three friends encounter their rival team, and manage to retrieve the Ishibo back.

In "Colrath," as the digital world around them crashes, Adam, Mira and Kai find and dodge their old enemies in order to get the Ishibo and return it to the tree. After returning the Ishibo to the Iron Tree, she enables them to enter a region where they must fight a dragon. After the dragon's defeat, they enter a portal in the building that was being guarded by the dragon. Once through the portal, they wind up in the same room they started in, except for the fact that there was a green button. They press it, and exit the game, waking up in a VR tournament where they are greeted by the Weird Guy (revealed to be the show's host) and cheered by the live audience for winning the game, The Hollow. However, as the rival team takes its leave, Kai notices what appears to be a slight glitch in the live-action Vanessa's eye.

In Home, he wakes up in what appears to be room, but in The Hollow. He calls out to Mira and Kai, with no response. He wonders if he's home or still in the game ad searches the area for clues. He finds a picture of himself with Mira and Reeve. He's startled by the door opening, but it's just his dog, Puddles. He follows Puddle out of the room and downstairs, where he sees his mother cooking and his father reading the news. He pokes his father and says he's surprised to find them there, in the Hollow. His parents think he's kidding when he explains. Adam abruptly leaves to go find Mira. Outside, he waves to a neighbor and calls Mira as he runs to her house. On his way, a bully trips him and another stomps on his phone, breaking it. He recognizes one bully from when he was young, though he's aged and the bully, Gavin, has not. Gavin goes to punch him, but says he isn't worth fighting. As he changes his mind, Adam runs away. He runs into a woman who is jogging in place, who greets him the same was as his neighbor. The bullies continue to chase him and finally back him into a corner. Gavin goes to punch Adam, but Adam jumps over him, realizing he still has his power. He lands up on a wall, where they throw cans at him as he wonders where Mira is. Adam continues to run away from the bullies and meets up with Kai and Mira. Mira follows them on the scooter and has Adam get on. Kai follows them on his unicycle. Kai throws the box of donuts behind him and the bullies stop to fight over them. Kai suggests going to his place to make a plan. Adam and Mira are awed by his large house, including a helicopter and a statue of himself. He leads them to a gazebo, where Davis brings them tea. They take a moment to look at Kai's neighbor Kevin, who lives in a bubble, before talking about what's going on in the world. They have all their memories until they hit the button and jumped in the portal, then nothing until they woke up at home. Mira thinks something's gone wrong. No one in that world knows anything about The Hollow. That would make sense inside The Hollow, but his parents knew things about his only his real parents would know, something that wouldn't happen in The Hollow. Kai thinks they're still in the game, in a level two. Adam wonders if that's why he saw the bullies just as they remembered them, with the same fear. Then he got away with his powers. Kai is surprised to learn they still have their powers and immediately tests them out, burning a hole in the bush Davis was trimming. They think the world has brought their fears to life: Adam's bullies, Mira's doll that came from an aunt, but Kai claims nothing has scared him. They decide they need to find Weirdy. Then they hear a bird calling. It's Mabel, the giant chicken who terrorized Kai's nightmares. Mabel pecks the head off Kai's statue and follows them around the yard and then through the neighborhood. They hide in a bush to escape her and then enter a building and talk about how their fears have come to life. They wonder why this has happened. Mabel then breaks through the ceiling. Mira tries to reason with her and learns Mabel is just following orders. And she hates Kai. They run away again and have to dodge lightning strikes as Mabel follows them. Adam sees his bullies approaching from one side as Mabel and the doll block the other two ways.

In Hollow Games, The fears get closer until a large lightning strike knocks them all to the ground. They quickly get back up and continue their taunting. Mira stands up to Adam's bullies for him, while Adam takes on Mabel and Kai goes after the doll. They struggle with that plan and Adam ends up pinned under Mabel's foot. Kai jumps to his rescue, throwing fire at Mabel and burning her neck. She then charges Mabel and he ignites his fists, saying he's not afraid of her. As he says this, she disintegrates. Mira then faces the doll herself, saying it's not real. Adam finally tells the bullies he doesn't care what they think of him. With that solved, they decide to get out of the storm only for it to clear. In Kai's room, Kai maintains his belief they're in a dream. Adam starts looking for clues on how to beat the game. Kai apologizes for getting in between them in the game, but they tell him they're not dating and Adam is gay. Mira suddenly remembers that she kissed Adam and apologizes to him. They wonder if the glitch caused this. Kai tries calling Weirdy for help, but gets no response, making him believe he's right that it's a dream. Adam just thinks the rules are different for a new level. Mira wants to go to the studio to look for Weirdy, but opens the door to find Davis, who says it's late and Kai's friends should go home. They reluctantly leave, agreeing to meeting at the donut shop at 8 AM. As Mira drives Adam home, they see a woman walking into a lamp post. At Adam's house, he tries to convince her to spend the night there and says they'll search his house and hers for clues tomorrow. She resists and wonders if he's part of the messed-up world. They look at their initials carved into Adam's driveway and Adam shows Mira he's the real Adam and asks her to trust him. She agrees and watches him walk inside. She watches as Adam's mother looks at her before slowly closing the door. Adam searches his room for clues and finds Moby Dick, which is blank on the inside. His mother comes to the door and asks him to clean his room. He starts cleaning immediately. In the morning, Adam waits outside the donut shop, angry. Kai comes up to him, upset because it's not a dream. Kai's new theory is that it's aliens. They leave to go find Mira. They go to Mira's house and talk to Miles. They ask him to get Mira, but learn from one of her dads that she said she was staying over at Adam's house. Adam tries to cover for Mira. Miles is surprised to learn Kai's hanging out with Mira. Adam and Kai leave and head toward Hollow Games Studio, which is where Adam thinks she is. They try to go inside, but a security guard stops them. She doesn't know what The Hollow is either and tells them they're trespassing. Kai starts a fire to distract the guard while they find a way in. They find Mira's scooter propped up against a wall. Inside, they notice their picture missing from the wall of tournament winners. They deduce that the tournament hasn't ended yet. They enter the studio, which is empty. Adam finds a file cabinet in a ransacked room. While he and Kai are in there, the room shakes and things fall. They hear static noises and start to walk toward the server room when floating robots see them. Kai uses his powers to destroy them, but another set finds them quickly. They hide in a room and barricade the door, but they cut through. Kai notices a portal and wants to go through it before the robots get through the door. They jump through together. In the morning, Adam waits outside the donut shop, angry. Kai comes up to him, upset because it's not a dream. Kai's new theory is that it's aliens. They leave to go find Mira. They go to Mira's house and talk to Miles. They ask him to get Mira, but learn from one of her dads that she said she was staying over at Adam's house. Adam tries to cover for Mira. Miles is surprised to learn Kai's hanging out with Mira. Adam and Kai leave and head toward Hollow Games Studio, which is where Adam thinks she is. They try to go inside, but a security guard stops them. She doesn't know what The Hollow is either and tells them they're trespassing. Kai starts a fire to distract the guard while they find a way in. They find Mira's scooter propped up against a wall. Inside, they notice their picture missing from the wall of tournament winners. They deduce that the tournament hasn't ended yet. They enter the studio, which is empty. Adam finds a file cabinet in a ransacked room. While he and Kai are in there, the room shakes and things fall. They hear static noises and start to walk toward the server room when floating robots see them. Kai uses his powers to destroy them, but another set finds them quickly. They hide in a room and barricade the door, but they cut through. Kai notices a portal and wants to go through it before the robots get through the door. They jump through together.

In The Return, Kai and Adam land after falling thorough the portal. They spot Colrath's castle, so Kai proposes finding Mira and winning the game. Adam calls out for help, but Weirdy doesn't appear, frustrating him. Adam wonders why this has happened, but Kai just wants to play the game. They reach the castle and realize it's not Colrath's. Adam calls out to Mira, but gets no response. Kai tries to open the castle doors, but only succeeds in breaking some rock off it. They enter the castle and Kai uses fire to light their way. An unseen force taunts them and then a gnome appears. They placate her with some of Kai's blood and ask her about Mira. She gives them a clue to look for water without fish before disappearing. Kai finds some puddles, but they aren't portals. Kai asks why they asked him to be on their team in the first place. Adam reveals that they had an opening because Reeve had been on their team, but they couldn't get along. Kai then spots a well and realizes it's the answer to their riddle. They both jump inside and the current takes them out to a waterfall. They end up washed up on a beach. When they wake up, they find themselves surrounded by talking mutant birds. Their conversation is interrupted when a volcano erupts. They think a nearby figure tied to a pole with a mask on is Mira, but it turns out to be Skeet instead. Cherufe breaks out of the volcano and comes to them. Adam works to free Skeet as Kai throws fire at Cherufe unsuccessfully. Once Skeet is free, they run away. Skeet runs at super speed to get away, leaning Adam and Kai to fend for themselves. Kai finds a boat and Skeet runs ahead and starts paddling it out. They realize Cherufe turns to stone when he hits the water. Adam starts rowing them and asks Skeet about how he ended up there. His story is similar to theirs. He thinks Adam and Mira kicked Reeve off their team, but Adam says he left on his own. Adam rows into the nighttime. Skeet tells him he's worried about Mira, too, because they've known each other since preschool. They realize they're being pulled into something and Adam can't paddle hard enough to keep them out. They spot another team, also fleeing from danger. One team member uses a sonic scream to drive their enemy away, but gets zapped when she tries to do it to another. They spot Weirdy and call out to him, but he doesn't hear them. Kai, Adam, and Skeet all abandon the boat as it approaches the reactors. Weirdy tells the two remaining team members they they've lost because their teammate was zapped. He makes them both disappear before disappearing himself. Adam finds their satchel, which had medicine and a map, but the map starts erasing when they look at it. Skeet suggests they just need to lose the game on purpose in order to go home, but Adam and Kai don't want to. Skeet tries to sacrifice himself, but is stopped by Adam, who pulls him to safety. The craft attacking them lands and several robots exit and start chasing them. They are delighted to hear Mira calling to them, but then the robots find them and fire their weapons.

In Puzzled, Kai tries to create a fire wall to keep the robots back, but they just walk through it. Kai, Adam, and Skeet then run to the doorway where they see Mira and fall through it, into a room where there are objects floating in the sky. The team is happy to be reunited. Mira shows them they can walk down the sides of the walls and they follow her through a maze of rooms. Still thinking losing is the solution, Skeet jumps off a ledge, but is quickly thrown back onto solid ground. Skeet promises not to try that again and they set off to find The Weird Guy. They reach the place where Mira stopped and figure out the puzzle she couldn't solve. The path forward leads to a floating castle, which is empty except a note that says wrong turn. The ground beneath them crumbles and Kai has to rescue Skeet to keep him from continuing to drop. They're set up with a new puzzle to solve, a giant cube they must move to make the Hollow Games logo before the tower beneath them crumbles. They go through a portal on the cube just as the tower collapses. They end up in a game show hosted by Akuma, asking them to choose a portal. Kai impulsively chooses door one. After Akuma reveals door two, Mira realizes they have better odds if they switch to door three. Behind that door is Katsuro. They race to door one as Katsuro comes thorough door three, but find it locked. Adam fights Katsuro and knocks him out. They then jump through a portal. As they try to figure out where to go, they remember they have a map. They're surprised to find it blank. Adam thinks they're not players in the game and says they need to find The Weird Guy. They see a flashing light in the distance and decide to go there. On the way, Adam slips in some slime. Skeet jumps on the slime and slides along the path with the others following him. When they stop, they realize a hill has moved. It continues to move closer to the and they learn it's a large snail, the source of the slime. They fight the snail and Skeet is injured. He runs away when a man calls out to him and they give Skeet the medicine. It doesn't work and they realize Skeet has lost. He doesn't pixelate and Mira starts crying.

In Alchemy, they have buried Skeet. They talk about his death and try to reassure Mira as they walk. They reach Chateau Carcolh, where lights are flashing from the upstairs. Kai knocks on the door and the snail jumps off the roof down toward them. As he grabs them, a man opens the door and tells the snail to let them go. The man invites them inside for a meal and they agree. As they walk inside, the man grabs a hair off Adam's head, which he tucks into a paper. Inside, he introduces himself as Jules Voulcan and shows off a few of his inventions. He shows them to bedrooms, where he has clothes for them. Once they're dressed, they sit down to dinner, where he takes one of Kai's hairs from the cap he's wearing and one of Mira's directly from her head. Adam asks Jules about Weirdy, but he says they'll talk later. They're surprised to see Reeve and Vanessa serving their meal, but acting as robots. Adam chases Jules as Kai and Mira try to wake Vanessa and Reeve up. Adam finds a room with a bunch of boxes on the wall with keys in them. He tries to turn the key that says Reeve, but gets shocked. Adam finds Jules, who says he'll explain everything. He pushes a button, causing Vanessa and Reeve to levitate and start to fight Mira and Kai. Mira's able to reverse the spell that has turned animals to stone and they help subdue Vanessa. They run away and find Adam, but he attacks them. Kai sees Jules and knocks into him, making him drop a vial of green liquid labelled Adam. It shatters on the floor and breaks the spell. They subdue Jules, but end up getting attacked by Louie. They barricade themselves in the room and Kai turns Reeve's key with difficult, retrieving the bottle and shattering it. Then he looks for Vanessa. He can't find her key, so he uses a pickle fork to open her box and shatter the vial. Adam then uses salt to force Louie to retract. They go back to the dining room and find Reeve and Vanessa missing. They attack the trio again, but Adam, Kai, and Mira explain what happened. The same thing happened to them. Mira tells them Skeet's dead. They realize Louie is under a spell and they need to break it. Jules wakes up and puts Vanessa and Reeve under another spell, forcing Mira to go by herself. She's trapped by Louie, but Adam and Kai come to her aid. Jules attacks Vanessa and Reeve, then the others. Just as Louie is ready to eat them, Reeve breaks the vial, releasing Louie from his spell. Louie grabs Jules and takes him into the woods. Adam finds a poster advertising Weirdy at a jazz club.

In Dead End, the five have decided to stick together. They argue about where to go to find the club until Mira finds a metro stop. They board the subway train, where they are haunted by apparitions lining the trains. They realize they died in a metro crash. They look for ways to stop the train. Kai gets help from Vanessa and they're able to stop the train. The ghosts leave the train, finally freed. The group then exits the station and they find the jazz club. They run into another trio who are unaware they're in a game. They tell the trio they just have to finish the game, but the other trio starts to fight them. Kai is surprised to find that one of the players also has fire powers, which shouldn't be allowed. One of the other players takes the key from around Adam's neck and they take it with them as they leave. Vanessa starts to apologize, but before she can say why, Kai hears music form inside. They enter to find that everyone is a skeleton. Death is the bartender, but doesn't remember them. Mira shows him the poster and he tells them the show is starting soon. Weirdy takes the stage. They try to approach him, but are stopped and he starts to perform. They make several attempts to get to him, but are thwarted each time. Finally, Weirdy notices them and says they don't belong there. He then sends them through a portal. They land on a platform. Mira is in the center and the other four are each on a corner. They are balanced precariously. Reeve and Adam argue over what to do and Mira starts to panic.

In Unbalanced, Adam and Reeve quickly start to argue over who should make a decision about what to do. Vanessa starts to panic over their arguing and flies off. Kai follows her. Back on the platform, Mira decides to leave them to their fight. They end up tipping the platform and all three of them fall off. Vanessa catches Mira, but Reeve and Adam fall into water. Reeve pulls Adam out after finding him face down in the water. They end up surrounded by a sea monster, who jumps out of the water and swallows Mira, Vanessa, and Kai whole. A ship then comes by, telling Reeve to swim to them. Reeve pulls Adam to the ship and a viking pulls them aboard. She revives Adam with a sardine. She then informs them the sea monster is known as Tursas. She guards the exit to the bay, preventing them from getting through. The viking then informs them that their friends are alive because Tursas only feasts on the full moon, which is tonight. Adam and Reeve make a plan to slay the sea monster and help the vikings so they can save the others. The vikings don't believe they stand a chance, so they show off their powers to convince them. They head to the boats. Adam also reveals to Reeve that the conversation he overheard that led to their team breaking up ended with him saying he couldn't betray Reeve like that because they were friends. Then they set sail with Brynhilda.

In Fang, Brynhilda is excited to have good contenders to defeat Tursas. Suddenly, Tursas knocks into the side of the ship. She then splashes them with water. Tursas emerges from the water again and Reeve throws some barrels at her. They then notice Mira in the water. She says she'll distract Tursas while they navigate back. She swims away and Tursas chases her until she goes through a small hole Tursas can't get through. Brynhilda is disappointed that they're going back. Mira says she lost Tursas, but they have to hurry. Tursas emerges again and rips off their sail. Mira pushes the ship from underneath, getting them away from Tursas. Adam and Reeve decide to combine their powers. Reeve levitates Adam so he can attack Tursas in the air. Adam breaks off one of her teeth. Mira says that Tursas isn't mad anymore and says she feels way better. She dives and swims away. The fang was hurting her. Mira retrieves the tooth as Brynhilda tells them they saved her village. She returns to them while the other three swim back to Vanessa and Kai. With the group reunited, Kai covers for Vanessa. Mira then takes Tursas' fang and puts it into the empty spot. Then she and Adam pull both at the same time, but nothing happens. Vanessa prepares to confess, but just then, a cave opens up and they enter. They emerge from the base of a tree. They notice some winged creatures carrying what looks like Weirdy's scarf. They chase the winged creatures until they're stopped by a troll. Kai tries to fly over him, but is stopped. The troll wants a goat. Adam wants to get him one, but Mira is opposed. They decide to make a fake goat with veggies and bring it to the troll. He accepts it and says it's for Malthezor, who pops up out of the water, knocks the goat off into the water, and eats the troll. They are then able to cross the bridge and follow the winged creatures. Vanessa flies and sees the winged creatures taunting Weirdy up ahead. They run to Weirdy and ask him for answers. He prepares to send them away again, but they manage to get his scarf back and leverage it to get answers. He tries to send them through a portal anyway, but Mira stops him by revealing she knows his real name, proving they're real. He confesses that the company has made digital clones of all the players, using all the data in their brains to make exact digital replicas of their lives. Something must have gone wrong to make them retain their memories. He assures them Skeet is fine and living his life like normal. He admits that he doesn't know how to help them. Vanessa thinks she might know. He would have to take Hollow Life offline. He tells them he'll try, but they need to survive the game. The other team in the game is approaching the final level and if they finish, it'll end the game and they'll disappear. Weirdy disappears, leaving them to figure out how to survive the game. They remember how well the other team worked together just a large explosion in the distance reveals that the other team learned how to use the weapon.

In Fire, Mira, Reeve, and Adam debate between trying to stop the game and allowing it to end. Reeve says they're just code and their real selves are living life as normal. Adam agrees, but Mira doesn't, saying they're self-aware, so that means something. Once the group is back together, Vanessa confesses the truth to the others, who don't take the news as well as Kai. Vanessa goes off on her own as they continue on the path. They easily face Rumpelstiltskin and then start to wonder where Vanessa is. They go to look for her and find their surroundings engulfed in green fire. Kai learns he has no control over the green flames, so they work to lead the animals out. Mira becomes trapped with the three little pigs, while Adam and Reeve work together to redirect the river to put out the fire. This makes Reeve and Adam realize they valued the world they're in, which is why they fought to save it. As they walk, Weirdy comes to them and tells them there's been trouble taking "Hollow Life" offline. He also tells them the game team has made it to the final level. He tells them to keep the team from winning until he can fix it. He also tells them Vanessa went with the game team and she's slowing them down.

In Race, Kai, Mira, Adam, and Reeve enter the final level. Kai tries to call out to Vanessa, but Mira quiets him, reminding him the other players are there, too. They come across a large pyramid and Kai finds what looks like a door, which has the same design as the key the team took from Adam. Adam and Kai try to open it, but then give up. Just as they do, the door opens and a monkey in an elevator asks if they're going down. They enter the elevator, where they hear Weirdy say he's started the transfer, but he needs more time. They need to hold off the other team a little longer. They can't win, but they also can't lose because either way will end the game. They approach a man at a desk, who quizzes them on their past quests before giving them a key. Just then, the other team bursts through the wall in a car before rushing back out. They climb into their own car and drive after the game team. They catch up, but the game team attacks them and they end up flipped over. Weirdy comes over the radio to tell them to hurry up because he needs more time. They see some motorcyclists and think that might help slow the game team down. They're able to right the car and Mira knocks one of the creatures of a motorcyclist and climbs on herself. She uses that to lure them off a cliff, then has Reeve pull her back into the car. Then they notice the game team has almost reached the end. Adam explains to the game team what they've been through and asks them to wait so they can be saved. Nisha refuses to believe them and pulls the weapon on them. Just then, the waste pile starts to collapse and then a monster, Olym, emerges from the rubble. Nisha fires at him, but it doesn't work. Mira, Kai, Adam, and Reeve work to keep the game team from winning the boss battle. When Iris falls off a cliff, Vanessa catches her and returns her to safety. Nisha fires again and hits Olym, but it doesn't defeat him. Mira stops her from firing it again and tosses the weapon to Vanessa. The team continues to battle not letting them beat Olym with not letting them lose. They realize that the weapon fits into Olym's back, which they believe is the way to win. Reeve tries to stop Iris from putting it in, but he's not strong enough and she puts it in, which results in a large explosion. They all hide behind Iris, who pulls a large sheet to block the blast. The game team takes off for the portal and the others realize chasing the game team is futile. Just then, Weirdy appears on a television screen to tell them he's ready to take the game offline, but they have to enter a portal. Vanessa and Kai carry Reeve and they race to get to their portal before the game team gets to theirs. They end up jumping through at the same time. When they wake up, they realize they're home.

Later, the team gathers at Mira's house for a cookout. Vanessa is missing Skeet, but Kai consoles her that he real Skeet is with the real Vanessa. They toast to their new lives.



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In early episodes, Adam and Kai face insecurities. Kai often challenges Adam's leadership and accuses Adam of bossing him around. Despite this, Kai usually turns to Adam for security when he feels frightened.

At the end of "Apocalypse," Kai blames Adam for Mira's death and tries to separate from him permanently, but in the lighthouse, it is revealed that Mira is still alive and apologizes to him which he quickly forgets.

Kai saves Adam's life in "Cocoon." When Adam is in a coma dying of hypothermia, Kai makes two prosthetic legs for the Mutant Spider Leader, who, in return for the kind gesture, heals Adam with his venom.


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Adam and Mira are close friends who bond over their bizarre circumstances and Kai's attempts at humor. They have compatible personalities, and Mira uniquely has the ability to persuade him in his stubborn moments.

Mira develops romantic feelings for Adam in the first season. After she kisses him in "The Riddle," it is clear that Adam does not reciprocate the sentiment, and the two of them agree to carry on as friends as if nothing happened. She apologizes for this again in "Hollow Games" after she regains her memories and remembers that Adam is gay.

Adam and Mira are close friends outside of the context of the game. Mira visits Adam's house regularly on days when his mother makes a pancake breakfast.[2]


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In the first season, Adam is always skeptical of the rival team, but the dynamic between Adam and Reeve is more antagonistic than the dynamic between Adam and any other character. Both boys carry the Ishibo for their teams, and they fight each other for possession of it.

In "Ice," Reeve uses the Ishibo to attack Adam from behind, sending him flying into a column of ice. This leaves Adam unconscious and freezing, on the brink of death. They fight each other again in the Battle for the Ishibo.

In Season 2, it is revealed that Adam, Reeve, and Mira used to be friends on the same team until Reeve was replaced by Kai. Adam resents Reeve for leaving the team while Reeve resents Adam for kicking him out. Their relationship grows tenser until "Unbalanced," when both boys decide to work together to rescue their friends. After this, they are amicable with each other.


Skeet and Adam do not interact much in the first season, aside from Skeet's and Reeve's denying the use of the bedroom to Adam and Mira in the Ghost Town. Later, Adam has no compunction about leaving Skeet frozen in the Ice Palace, nor does Skeet show any scruple about equally leaving Adam for dead afterward.

The two grow closer in "The Return" after Adam saves Skeet from becoming a sacrificial offering to Cherufe.


Adam and Vanessa are the leaders of their respective teams, which yields an antagonistic relationship. Adam vehemently distrusts Vanessa, and this continues into Season 2 when they are no longer rival players.


Adam was bullied as a child, and this fear returns to terrorize him in "Home."

Powers and Abilities


  • Superhuman Strength: Adam has physical strength that is several times greater than that of any of the other players. He has enough power to smash a boulder with a single blow[3] or send someone flying with a push.[4]
  • Superhuman Agility: Adam is incredibly agile, able to jump from off the ground into the air, scale walls, perform back-flips, and other gymnastics with little to no effort.
  • Superhuman Durability: Adam is incredibly durable, able to withstand direct blows from Katsuro and Akuma. Though he does feel pain, he is able to tolerate a considerable amount of physical stress.


  • Exceptional Speed and Reflexes:[5] Adam has a certain degree of peak-human speed, though it is unknown if his capabilities can be classified as superhuman. While it seems as though he can move significantly faster than his teammates, he is nowhere near as fast as Skeet.
  • Adept Fighting Skills:[5] Adam is an adept combatant. He bests Katsuro in hand-to-hand combat and holds his own against Akuma in the Akki Island Duels.[3] He is also very skilled at wielding the Ishibo as a weapon. Due to his strength, Adam is able to use random objects as weapons, such as a severed zombie arm.[6]
  • Leadership: Adam acts as the leader of his team while playing the Hollow. His teammates tend to heed his advice and cling to him when they are scared.

Notable Quotes

  • "Well, good to know I sound confident." –"The Room"
  • "It doesn't matter why we're here. We know what we need to do to get home, so let's stop asking questions that can't be answered and just focus on getting the Ishibo back to the tree, okay?" –"Undead"
  • "Trust me, that fake blind old man was digital." –"The Riddle"
  • ”Dude, I’m gay.” -“Hollow Games”


  • Adam was confirmed to be sixteen years old by Josh Mepham on Twitter.[1]
  • Adam is the first player to display a superpower in "The Room."
  • Adam is revealed to be gay in Season 2.


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